Indoor Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Do you struggle to maintain a mobile phone signal in your home or office?

Does your mobile phone line break up during an important phone call?

Finally, there is a solution for poor signal strength at home and the office. Cel-Fi’s mobile phone signal booster strengthens your signal indoors by up to four times, providing clear voice conversations and greater data throughput- there’s no need to restrict your mobile conversations to outside. Available in the RS2 and the PRO, Nextivity offers legal mobile phone signal boosters for 3G, 4G and LTE voice and data for four of the main UK mobile networks: Three, O2, Vodafone and EE (this box covers T Mobile and Orange also).

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Cel-Fi mobile phone signal booster

Increased battery life

Your Cel-Fi unit will work in real time to improve your mobile signal, so your device doesn’t have to. This means less work for your phone, resulting in longer battery life and less charging.

Easy installation

Cel-Fi units use simple plug-in and play technology! One unit sits near to your window to pick up signal, and the other sits in the centre of the building. An intuitive indicator allows users to locate the optimum distance between the window unit and the coverage unit in order to gain the best signal range.

Faster mobile downloads

With increased connectivity to your 3G and 4G data, you can ensure faster data transfer rates when downloading videos, photos, emails and data to your smartphone.

How Cel-Fi mobile phone signal booster works

How it works

  • The fully wireless system works by placing the Window Unit in an area of the building with the strongest signal (normally on a window sill).
  • It takes this signal, as little as 1 bar, and amplifies it to up to 5 bars.
  • The Coverage Unit is then placed a reasonable distance apart (normally in the centre of the building) and works to create a bubble of stronger signal distributed across approximately 13,000 sq ft.
  • The system works wirelessly with all phones that operate with 3G or 4G signal – there is no need for an internet connection or to pair your device with the Cel-Fi unit.

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