New research shows 40% of the UK is suffering with poor indoor signal coverage

Recent news from Global Wireless Solutions reveals that “40% of Brits have some kind of mobile blackspot in their home”, with two thirds located in the kitchen”. That’s a pretty shocking figure for a world so reliant on technology!

The article summarised a shocking 32% “regularly have issues making and receiving calls at home”, particularly those living in old buildings such as Georgian homes. At Cel-Fi, we can relate to these findings. Our customers all suffer with poor indoor signal on a daily basis and a large proportion of our customers come from old buildings or buildings with particularly thick or concrete based walls.

CWS’ CEO noted that more often than not, people are reaching out to their mobile devices to make and receive calls whilst at home, suggesting it is more important than ever to have a reliable signal network.

Their network testing revealed that Liverpool, Cardiff and Bristol were areas within the UK reporting the highest amount of signal problems and blackspots whilst Three network suffered with the poorest “indoor penetration” of mobile signal. (Source: Mobile News)

Combine this with recent news from ministers, revealing that £6 million has been spent on improving mobile phone signals, and there’s no doubt that households are in need of change! The two year scheme was set to improve mobile signal indoors across 60,000 households but has left only 781 homes reporting an improved service. This leaves thousands of UK households still struggling with poor mobile network coverage indoors, with little solutions being provided by the government or mobile network providers. 

But that’s where Cel-Fi comes in!

Cel-Fi PRO Smart Signal Boosters offer improved voice clarity, reduced dropped calls, faster data and streaming speeds and an overall more reliable mobile signal coverage indoors. The all-digital and easy-to-install solution works by taking a stronger signal from another part of the building and has the potential to turn one bar of 3G or 4G signal into up to five bars, creating approximately 30 metres radius of improved mobile network coverage. What’s more, it’s completely legal!

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