Cel-Fi PRO mobile phone signal booster

We are excited to announce the availability of our third generation Nextivity Cel-Fi PRO. It’s the cost-effective, wireless, plug-and-play solution for both 3G and 4G mobile users who suffer from poor indoor signal.

Designed with four internal antennas, an external antenna port and on-board intelligence, the Nextivity Cel-Fi PRO continually seeks out the best available signal and automatically adjusts to any changes in the radio frequency environment to maximize the signal gain to the user. Consisting of two devices, a window unit and a coverage unit, which work together to deliver the signal you have always been looking for throughout the workplace or home.

We understand that finding an appropriate signal booster can be difficult in today’s market – so we’ve summarised the key consumer benefits when choosing the Cel-Fi PRO below to help make your decision that little bit simpler.

Key consumer benefits include:

  • Improved voice coverage, enabling clear and reliable 3G and 4G connections within a coverage area up to 13,000 square feet. The system can turn one bar of coverage into up to five bars!
  • Improved data throughput, for indoor areas with poor reception, the PRO offers significant improvement often in excess of four times the current level, providing faster downloads, smoother streaming and clearer voice calls on your smartphone.
  • Improved battery life, as Cel-Fi eases the drain on battery power from searching for a signal. That’s right, we can help you save your battery for the things that really matter to you like taking photos and staying connected with others.
  • Ease of installation, with a true ‘plug and play’ system. Even the most non-technical subscriber can install the Cel-Fi system in a matter of minutes. No cables. No ladders. No drilling, No interference. The elegant user interface enables an intuitive installation and removes the help desk burden associated with other consumer wireless products.
  • The two units communicate wirelessly and will automatically pair together – just to make set up even easier (if it’s even possible to do so).
  • A compact system with a sleek design that will blend in with your home or office surroundings. We’ve reduced the size of both the window and the coverage unit to make it easier to find room for the unit in any room!
  • Powered by IntelliBoost, two custom-designed core processors, Cel-Fi systems specifically work to optimise indoor reception for both 3G and 4G in real-time. It enables the Cel-Fi PRO to adapt to even the most challenging of indoor conditions – there’s no need to miss a call ever again!

But most importantly...

The Cel-Fi PRO is a completely legal signal booster due to its advanced technology that allows network providers to monitor and control the units. To find out more about why Cel-Fi is authorised by Ofcom visittheir website.

The Cel-Fi PRO system is now available for EE (including T-Mobile and Orange), O2 and Three networks. Visitour products page for more detail.

About Nextivity

Nextivity Inc is an innovative technology company, based in San Diego, California in the US. Established in 2006, Nextivity, which has built a significant patent-pending technology portfolio, is a leading developer of indoor coverage systems which optimise the experience of wireless subscribers and increases RF network capacity for mobile operators.