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How do our mobile phone Signal Boosters work?

The Cel-Fi mobile phone Signal Boosters are legal to use and extremely easy to install:

  • The fully wireless system works by placing the Window Unit in an area of the building with the strongest signal (normally on a window sill).

  • It takes this signal, as little as 1 bar, and amplifies it to up to 5 bars.

  • The Coverage Unit is then placed a reasonable distance apart (normally in the centre of the building) and works to create a bubble of stronger signal distributed across approximately 13,000 sq ft. (for the DUO and PRO models) or 1-2 rooms (for the PRIME model)

  • The system works wirelessly with all phones that operate with 3G or 4G signal – there is no need for an internet connection or to pair your device with the Cel-Fi unit.
How Cel-Fi mobile phone signal booster works

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